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Wood Magazine

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WOOD Magazine is geared toward hobbyist woodworkers of all experience and levels. With woodworking plans, tips, tool recommendations and in-depth articles, the magazine aims to help its readers expand their woodworking skills and take on any projects they hope to tackle.

Each issue of the magazine features projects, tutorials and plans that have been created and tested by WOOD Magazine’s editorial staff in the magazine’s woodworking shops. Projects range from simple home décor to furniture to intricate artisanal pieces, and the magazine features project styles that range from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional.

Every project featured in the magazines comes with clear instructions and step-by-step photographs to walk readers through even the most complicated of projects.

In addition to plans for hands-on projects, the magazine also provides readers with articles on woodworking techniques and tools. The magazine highlights different types of wood to help inform readers about which woods are best suited to which types of projects. Readers also can get tips on detailing their work, assembling their projects, finishing their wood and more. Through WOOD Magazine, woodworkers can find recommendations for the right tools for their projects, and tips on organizing and maintaining their woodworking shops.