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Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine September 1st, 2023 Issue Cover

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

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With Sports Illustrated Kids, children can enjoy sports from their point of view. The magazine covers all major sports and is written for children ages 8 to 14.

In Sport Illustrated Kids, kids can read about their favorite athletes, sports journalists and professional and college-level sports teams. When it comes to sharing athletes’ stories with kids, Sports Illustrated Kids focuses on the character-building aspect of athletics and highlights the positive character traits of the athletes, coaches, journalists and officials that children see on TV. Stories feature how athletes and those who work in professional sports have worked hard and persevered to reach their personal and professional goals. The magazine’s “Spare Time” feature gives readers an inside look at their favorite athletes and coaches, allowing them to learn more about their heroes’ hobbies and passions and what they do in their free time.

In addition to professional sports, Sports Illustrated Kids includes features on child athletes and youth sports teams from around the globe. Readers will find tips on being better teammates and athletes, and learn more about being healthy and eating nutritionally.

Sports Illustrated Kids is full of action-oriented sports photography that kids are sure to enjoy as they read their way through the articles. The magazine also includes special kid-focused features, such as the SportsKid of the Year and “Kid Reporter,” stories by youth sports journalists.