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Sports Illustrated Magazine

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One of the most widely circulated sports magazines, Sports Illustrated covers every major sport, including baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, tennis, golf, boxing, mixed martial arts and more. The magazine provides readers with the latest in sports news, accented with commentary and stunning, action-oriented sports photographs.

For every major league, Sports Illustrated gives readers a pre-season preview, filled with team reports, league predictions and insight from sports industry experts. Readers can even participate in mock drafts and make their own predictions about the teams and leagues they follow. Throughout the year, Sports Illustrated offers an inside look at sports with commentary and columns by sports’ leading journalists. Articles outline scouting reports, trade news, and much, much more. Through interviews and in-depth articles, readers can learn more about their favorite athletes, journalists and sports team.

More recently, Sports Illustrated has expanded its coverage to include fantasy sports. The magazine’s fantasy sports analysists gives readers predictions and analysis on which athletes will propel readers’ fantasy sports teams to victory. Subscribers get access to player stats, week-by-week player predictions and sports’ reporters top picks for fantasy team players.

The magazine prints 12 double issues annually, providing subscribers with 39 issues each year. Of course, every subscription to Sports Illustrated comes with the magazine’s famous annual swimsuit edition, which has been in circulation since 1964.