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Midwest Living Magazine

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Midwest Living Magazine delivers the best of the Midwestern lifestyle directly to its reader’s door. Each month, the magazine is full of classic Midwestern recipes, travel hotspots, do-it-yourself projects and home décor ideas.

Through Midwest Living Magazine, readers can learn about the Midwest’s top travel destinations. Monthly travel features showcase the region’s most popular travel destinations, along with hidden gems, and provide insight on what to see, where to eat and where to stay when visiting those destinations. Every issue also showcases fresh, seasonal product, along with recipes that highlight what’s growing in the Midwest now. Readers also will find Midwest-inspired gardening tips, landscaping ideas and outdoor decorating inspiration. Readers also will enjoy in-depth features on those who are living and thriving in the Midwest.

With its focus on promoting the Midwest, Midwest Living Magazine also regularly features companies and brands from within the region. Readers will find recommended products and mom-and-pop companies that can patronize to support the Midwest. Readers also can find tips on stores, restaurants, breweries and more that are thriving in the Midwest and supporting the region’s economy and lifestyle. The magazine also showcases annual festivals and celebrations so those who live in the Midwest can take advantage of all the fun Midwest living has to offer.