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Golf Magazine November 1st, 2020 Issue Cover

Golf Magazine

Unfortunately this title is not longer available.


Golf Magazine is a complete golf publication for enthusiasts of the sport. Each issue is full of golf tips, comprehensive PGA coverage, gear reviews and interviews with the world’s top pro golfers and golf experts.

For golfers of every level, Golf offers valuable advice for adding distance to drives, reducing hooks and slices, improving short games, perfecting chip shots and more. The regular Top 100 Teachers column features advice from the 100 best golf instructors from around the globe. Interviews with the PGA’s best golfers provide inspirational reading and pro advice on improving golf games. The magazine also keeps a running leaderboard of professional golf statistics and golf wins, while the “Truth and Rumors” column offers a behind-the-scenes look at the pro golf tour, sharing stories, rumors and trash talk from the golf pros.

Every issue of Golf also provides reviews and recommendations of the latest golf equipment. The magazine’s travel section gives readers up-close tours of the top golf destinations with advice on which golf resorts are best suited to which golf skills levels. Golfers will enjoy beautiful scenic photography of the world’s most challenging golf courses and get a feel for which golf resorts are attainable for their golf game. The magazine’s “Luxe” section allows golfers a sneak peek at private celebrity courses, the most exclusive golf resorts and the most expensive tee times.