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Food & Wine Magazine is a food magazine specifically for the at-home gourmand. The magazine features recipes from the world’s top chefs that can be replicated at home to wow dinner party and holiday guests. All of the recipes feature stunning photographs to give readers serving and plating inspiration for their gourmet dishes.

In addition to exclusive recipes from recipe chefs, Food & Wine keeps readers up to date on the latest wine releases. Readers will be introduced to the best wines on the market, complete with descriptive flavor profiles and reviews so they can pick the perfect wine for entertaining, personal enjoyment or for gifting. The magazine features advice on choosing wines and wine tastings so readers will be better informed when selecting their own wines. Readers will get great advice for making wine pairings so they can be sure that the wines the select will combine perfectly with their dishes and desserts.

Food & Wine Magazine also provides foodies with the best food-related travel destinations. The magazine regularly presents stunningly photographed travel articles on the best food destinations around the world, including information on where to stay and on which restaurants are the ones food travelers must visit. The magazine’s regular feature articles provide insight into the latest food trends, cooking techniques, the lives of professional chefs, entertaining and more.