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Essence has brought beauty tips, fashion advice and human-interest stories aimed at representing the African-American women’s lifestyle for nearly 50 years. Every issue of the magazine is packed full of celebrity news, health and beauty articles, inspirational interviews and important news stories that cover the issues that are important to African-American women.

Through Essence, women will get advice on caring for their hair and skin, entertaining, travel, must-attend events, family, sex, love and much, much more. Every issue of Essence also features in-depth interviews with African-American celebrities from every industry and with African-American people who are successful in a variety of issues. The interviews aim to share success stories and inspire women to become successful, vibrant and happy in their own lives. Advice columns and question-and-answer features give women the advice they need to succeed in their careers and relationships, and in pursuing their personal goals.

Essence magazine is the premier lifestyle magazine for African-American women, and it is designed exclusively to increase access to successful black women, provide African-American women with the tips and advice they can’t find elsewhere and build confidence in African-American women. Consistent with its motto – “Inspire. Empower. Celebrate.” – each issue of Essence magazine provides its readers with motivation, inspiration and advice that allows them to look their best, feel their best and live their best lives.