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Allrecipes Magazine

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The perfect magazine for people who are always searching for inspiration in the kitchen, Allrecipes magazine features hundreds of recipes for every occasion, from dinners and deserts to holidays and parties. The magazine highlights top-rated recipes from the Allrecipes online community, along with recipes featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients, cooking tips and tricks, and profiles of the cooks whose recipes appear on the Allrecipes website.

Allrecipes magazine is designed with all cooks in mind. Easy weeknight meals, snacks and meal ideas for children are perfect for busy families. Meanwhile, foodies will enjoy in-depth articles on the latest food trends and deep dives into different ingredients and cooking styles. Each issue of the magazine has a menu planning section that enables cooks to keep track of the recipes they plan to try and the items they will need to add to their grocery lists. The magazine also includes information on the best cooking and kitchen gadgets to help the casual cook and the amateur chef find the best cookware, utensils and kitchen appliances to help them test out the latest Allrecipes dish.

Every issue of the magazine also features beautiful photographs of recipes and entertaining ideas. The recipes are designed to be easy to follow, and every recipe includes an outline of nutritional information and the rating earned by the recipe through the Allrecipes online community.